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Before you even considering diving you might have some questions of your own. Hopefully our FAQ will answer most of them. If not, please feel free to contact us.

 What do I need for my try dive?

You will not require any equipment. If you have your own mask and fins which your find comfortable your welcome to bring these along. You will just need your swimwear.

 What do I need for pool training?

For your initial pool training we recommend you bring your own mask, fins and snorkel, however for your first few initial sessions, the club will lend you any equipment if required.

 My ears hurt when I go to bottom of a swimming pool, Will that keep me from becoming a scuba diver?

The discomfort you feel is the normal effects of water pressure pressing on your ears. Fortunatly our bodies are adapted to deal with adjusting these pressures by simply pinching your nose and blowing.

 What are the most common injuries or sicknesses associated with diving?

Sun burn and sea sickness are common sicknesses, which are both preventable with over the counter preventatives.

 For how long will I be certified?

Once you have passed the training your certification does not expire, however we highly recommend that you keep in practice and for long periods where you have not dived, we encourage you to build up to your deeper dives again.

 Why do I have to get certified to dive?

The BSAC training is an important part of learning to dive. It teaches you to dive safely, correctly and how to
plan your dives so that any risks can be kept to a minimum.

 Will the fish bother me?

Most of the sealife will be afraid of you and will generally ignore you. Some fish will allow you to swim very close while others not at all.

 Do I have to be a great swimmer to become a SCUBA diver?

Surprising not! Before starting the pool training, you will be asked to casually swim a few lengths of the pool and then tred water for a short period of time. This will be done at your own pace at your own time and without a big audience.

 What will I breathe underwater?

During your training you will be using normal breathing air in your cylinder. As you progress through the course (or want to further progress your learning to new levels), you are encouraged to use a more oxygen enriched breathing air. The main reason behind this is for increased safety. This is taught during the class room sessions.

 How long does a tank of air last?

There are many different cylinder sizes and everyone consumes different amounts of air whilst underwater. Also,the deeper you dive the more air is consumed. During the 1 hour pool training you will have a full cylinder capable of lasting over 2 hours.

 Where can I get my cylinders filled?

he club will fill your cylinder free of charge. This is done by a trained person(s) on a weekly basis.



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